Executive Committees

The Fundraising Committee

Lyra Wanzer


Lyra is a junior from Vermont living in Eliot House. She is concentrating in Mechanical Engineering and has been involved in EWB since her freshman year, when she joined the Los Sanchez project team. In her free time, enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, skiing, hiking, and any other outdoor activities. She also loves baking and knitting.

Vivian Fernandez

Director of Fundraising

Vivian Fernandez is a senior from NYC living in Winthrop house. She is a Government concentrator with a secondary in Latino Studies and a language citation in Spanish. Vivian traveled with the EWB Los Sanchez team in August 2016 as a translator and then, wanting to continue her involvement with the chapter, developed the Fundraising Committee as the Fundraising Director. In her free time, she enjoys attending zumba class, kickboxing, reading books and listening to music.

Tyler Moulton

Director of Grants

Tyler Moulton is a freshman from suburban Massachusetts living in Holworthy Hall. He is considering concentrating in either Economics, Social Studies, or Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality. He is fascinated by feminist, gender, and queer studies as well as studies of socioeconomic analysis and development, the latter of which fuels his passion for public service and his excitement to be a part of the Mkutani Schoolhouse Project!

Yonatan Girma

Director of Sponsorship

Yonatan Girma is a sophomore from Dallas living in Mather house. He is concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. His parents are from Ethiopia and he enjoys playing basketball in his free time.

Sophie Pesek

Fundraising Committee Member

Sophie Pesek is a freshman placed in Pforzheimer house from Cambridge, MA. She plans to study Environmental Engineering. She went to high school in Concord, NH, so coming to Harvard was like returning home. She is passionate about nature and enjoys running, sailing, skiing, and painting outside.

The Media Committee

Billy Koech

Director of Media

Billy Koech is a freshman living in Holworthy Hall (placed in Leverett House) from Eldoret, Kenya. His concentration is Electrical Engineering with a secondary in Computer Science. He loves spending his free time taking pictures. His favorite pastimes include sketching and designing technological devices.

Anisha Dok

Media Committee Member

Anisha Dok is a sophomore living in Pforzheimer House who concentrates in Electrical Engineering. For fun, she enjoys Polynesian dancing, exploring the great outdoors, and playing the trumpet. She loves EWB because of its hands-on projects and ambitious mission.

The Programming Committee

Sarah Welsh

Director of Programming

Sarah Welsh is a sophomore living in Pforzheimer house concentrating in Environmental Engineering. She is from Bellingham, Washington. She enjoys backpacking, hiking, canoeing, and playing music. She is excited to learn more about engineering and international development through her work with EWB.

Tatheer Adnan

Programming Committee Member

Tatheer is a sophomore in Kirkland House from New York City, planning to concentrate in Bioengineering and having a secondary in Philosophy. She loves biking around Boston, and cooking with new recipes.

Sean Park

Programming Committee Member

Sean Park is a freshman planning on concentrating in Electrical Engineering. He is from Cypress, California, and he lives in Pforzheimer House. He enjoys playing viola and singing in his free time.

Andrew Yang

Programming Committee Member

Andrew Yang is a sophomore living in Winthrop House concentrating in Biomedical Engineering. He is from Boston and loves to run and play chess in his free time. He has a twin brother, Victor, who is also in EWB.