Faculty Advisor

Dr. Christopher Lombardo

Dr. Lombardo is an Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Harvard School of Engineering of Applied Sciences and Lecturer in Electrical Engineering. He received BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the University of Maryland at College Park and his MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He has been actively involved in EWB-USA since 2004 in several chapters throughout the United States. During this time, he has worked on projects in Ecuador, Mexico, Cameroon, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Tanzania. Additionally, he has served in several regional and national leadership positions within EWB-USA, including organizing the Design Global, Engineer Local course hosted with ASCE/EWB-USA Global Engineering Conference, serving as the chair of the Faculty Leadership Committee, and is a member of the EWB-USA Board of Directors. Dr. Lombardo is originally from Annapolis, Maryland and in his free time he enjoys competitive yacht racing, especially one design racing including the J/24 and the J/70.

Dr. Lombardo can be reached at lombardo@seas.harvard.edu