Kibuon Water Supply Project

In the Spring of 2019, the Harvard Engineers Without Borders project team began a new project. The team spent a lot of time researching communities that put in requests before deciding on Kibuon.

Figure 1: The beautiful village of Kibuon.

This past spring, 2019, the Kibuon chpater sent a travel team (Nicole Trenchard, Gavin Rees, Jude Najjar, Marwah Sabrah, and Chris Lombardo) to the community to assess the community's needs and the feasibility of implementation. This trip proved to be successsful.

Figure 2: Jude Najjar Marwah Sabrah, and Nicole Trenchard posing with the women in the Kibuon community after a community wide women's meeting.

The travel team weighed 2 options for implementing a water system in the community, and decided upon a borehole well instead of a rainwater catchment system due to the number of people that are need of a clean, water source and the few community buildings that would be able to support rainwater catchment.

This fall, the whole project team is working on analyzing the data that the travel team gathered and deciding on a location to drill a borehole well, as well as waiting for hydrogeological survey results to come in. The team hopes to send members to Kibuon in the coming summer to implement the drilling and establishment of the well.