Los Sanchez Water Supply Project

The goal of this project is to provide the community with reliable access to clean drinking water. A travel team of 7 students and 1 professional mentor visited Los Sanchez in January 2016 for an assessment trip. They conducted household surveys, collected geological data, and tested water samples. Back on campus, the Harvard SEAS chapter analyzed the collected data and decided that the best solution was to install a gravity fed water system that serviced the entire community. In February, the club received notification that the local government had started constructing a new water tank for Los Sanchez. To ensure that the tank was compatible with the chapter’s distribution system design, they returned to the community for a second assessment trip in August 2016.

The team has now designed the entire system and is preparing to begin construction this summer! In August 2017, they will once again travel to Los Sanchez and connect three quarters of the community to the new, functional distributon system. Next January they will lay piping to service the remaining quarter of the community and finish construction of the system. Stay tuned for more information about how construction is progressing!