Pinalito Water Supply Project

In 2008, the local government sponsored the installation of a community well in the rural village of Pinalito as part of a larger infrastructure project. However, the lack of a proper sustainability and maintenance plan caused the well and pumping system to irreversibly fail, leaving the people of Pinalito with few options to collect drinking water. They were forced to either a) make their way down steep muddy inclines to get river water that is heavily contaminated with bacteria and causes frequent waterborne illness or b) travel far distances (usually on foot) to reach cleaner groundwater springs.

HUEWB received this project in August 2013 and worked closely with the Pinalito community to bring a new sustainable clean water supply system to all of its residents. We designed and installed a new well, along with appropriate treatment systems and easily accessible distribution points. The implementation was completed in January 2014, and reassessed in August 2014, then monitored in August 2015 to ensure the success of the system. By working with both local and US-based experts, we have created a water system with sufficient capacity to meet community consumption needs. Furthermore, members of the community are well-versed in system operations to ensure long-term sustainability. This system, completely made for and owned by the people of Pinalito, will last for years to come.